ACE Hardware

Squires Lumber Company, Inc. is proud to be the Inland Empires’ largest Ace Hardware.

Ace Hardware Corporation is a cooperative of independent retail stores.  Ace is committed to providing low upfront costs on merchandise purchases by Ace retailers from strategically located Ace hardware retail support centers or through Ace’s drop ship and bulletin programs.  Retailers are supported by over 65,000 brand name and Ace items, a comprehensive advertising program, sophisticated retail support systems and headquarters and staff personnel.

2014 marked the 90th anniversary of Ace Hardware Corporation.  Throughout the years, many things have changed.  From a few Chicago-area hardware stores, Ace has grown to include more than 4,800 stores in 50 states and 70 countries.  Yet one thing has remained unchanged – Ace’s commitment to deliver quality, friendly and helpful hardware service to consumers.