C & K Custom Saw and Mill was established in 1998 for the sole purpose of offering Squires Lumber Company’s customers with a cost effective advantage when it comes to specialized milling and concrete formwork for projects of all sizes. C & K offers a full line of milled products from premium wood stakes, rough sawn lumber packages, net sized lumber, pine and MDF reveal, chamfers, feather coves, custom timber milling and reman capabilities. Along with the specialty milled products C & K also offers complete formwork packages from the initial plan review to form work design to completed forms shipped direct to the job site on time and built to the highest standards. We have an engineer on staff to design any type of form for your exact specifications whether it is a simple wall form to an intricate radius panel, C & K Custom Saw and Mill is ready for the challenge.


  • Rough Sawn Lumber
  • MDF and Pine Reveal
  • Net Dimension Lumber
  • Timber Milling
  • Premium Wood Stakes
  • Chamfer
  • Corbels   (List of Designs: Corbels)
  • Knee Braces (List of Designs:  Knee Braces)


  • Column Forms
  • Gawk Screens
  • MSE Clamps
  • Cushion Blocks
  • Column Capitals
  • Crane Pads
  • Deck Panels
  • Stem Panels
  • EOD Panels
  • Radius Panels
  • Wall Forms
  • Soffit Panels
  • Abutment Forms
  • Beam Sides
  • Block Outs